Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big challenge in life

It's been a long time I am not blogging and since then there were many challenges in life and many events to face. In July 2010 I got a grand daughter Nur Amni and she is going to be 11 months soon.

In August 2010 we (me, my husband and my daughter) graduated from homeopathic studies. Me and my husband obtained Bachelor in Homeopathic Medical Science (BHMS) while my daughter obtained her Diploma in Homeopathic Medical Science (DHMS).

A sad event strucked me in September 2010, I lost my beloved father. He died on the 27th. Ramadhan ( 5th. September 2010) at the age of 82 years. Since I studied homeopathy in 2006, he has been taken homeopathy treatment from me. Whatever his sickness was treated with homeopathy until end of his life he is still treated with homeopathy. I still remember during the graduation day, I could not brought him along to the convocation ceremony but on the way back I dropped by his house. I put the hat on his head and took photo with him. I remembered saying " Dad you are my loyal patient" and he just smiled away. In October 2011, exactly 1 month after my father's death, my step mom decided to move out from my father's house to her own house in Kedah. Its really a challenge because I have to maintain two big houses. I felt so lonely because I used to visit them after work and suddenly the house became so quiet and empty. All kind of feelings crept into me, I started thinking what will happen if my husband not around, I will then be maintaining 2 empty big houses alone... My children are far away. My son in Trengganu and my daughter in University Sumatera Utara. Many proposed me to rent the house, however I could not do that since its a family house and a lots of memory were there. My mom and uncle died in the house. My children grown from that house since the grand parents looked after them while I am working. My step mother also has been living in the house for 20 years after my mom's death. Anyway that is fact of life, no one will be living forever, one day we will be missing our loves one and sooner or later we will face the death too. Just be brave to face the challenge.

To relax the body and mind we used to travel a lot. In November 2010 we went to Phnom Pehn, in December 2010 we went to Bandung and in January 2011 we visited Hong Kong and Shenzen (China).

On 1st. March 2011 we marked another history in life. We open a homeopathy clinic in Selayang baru town registered under Homeopathy Keluarga Selayang. Here is the real challenge we have to face. We received patients with all kind of illness. To name a few - chronic bronchitis, Ecszema, Lymphoma Cancer , gout and so forth. Its a challenge and we faced them with passion and patience. Those coming here are from 3 categories - 1) Try homeopathy as last resort 2) Try homeopathy first before going for suggested operation 3) Faithful homeopathy seekers. Some good news, we received returning patient after their first visit with better health than before. We treat and Allah is the healer. May Allah bless us...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Days after days, weeks after weeks and soon the year 2009 will come to an end. Lots of memories and challenges that have been experienced. All became history. My family has grown in number from four to five ( picture of son's wedding) .Next year myself, husband and daughter already planned a vacation to Abu Dhabi/Dubai 11-jan-2010 till 16-jan-2010. We got the cheap airfare from Air Asia x. I have made a booking in Rush Inn hotel Dubai via internet. The location is near city centre and located near to bus and train station. This is a strategic location because most interesting places are within walking distances so we might save on transportation. I read from the internet there is direct bus service from Abu Dhabi to bus station near to the hotel. We love adventure and looking forward for the challenge. ... Seeing the beauty creation of the almighty Allah.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Challenging the eyes

I just came back from group lunch at Spread garden Hotel sponsored by the vendor . Lots of things to eat and all taste very delicious. I did not take any rice but I tasted all the dishes like 'satay', beef steak, ice cream, fish,cakes and variaties of other foods. Guest what? I am feeling so sleepy now. I am writing this blog hoping to overcome the sleepiness but my eyes becoming smaller and smaller and my vision becoming dimmer and dimmer. The challenge today is to keep awake and continue working after a heavy lunch . Dear god, help me please...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy as a challenge

I haven't posted anything since April. Very busy, I got a bad luck. The night before I left to Medan, thief entered my house. He ( I assumed one man) did not broke in but managed to hooked my house key through the window and happily went in and went away with my handbag that consisted many items , my gold ring, bracelet, watch, purse, money and all important documents including credit cards and driving license. Luckily my passport was not there. We lodged police report, bank reports and finally I reached the airport half an hour before departure. I felt lucky since we are still safe and alive as the thief just sufficient with the handbag and we still managed to catch the flight. I have to depend on my husband money and credit card for shopping. Thanks god.

After coming back, I have to follow up with all the necessary departments to get copies of the stolen documents. The wedding arrangement is still ongoing with activities like delivering invitation cards, preparation for engagement ceremony on 1st. May 2009, packing wedding goodies, booking of 'kompang' ( traditional musical instrument), booking of Deejay and PA system and still need some more shopping and coordination works......... Tiring as this is my first experience. Really hope the wedding will go smooth, the weather will be fine, the food will be sufficient and the guests will be coming. This is another challenge where I need to balance the office work and my personal work and now I started to wake up in the middle of night ..... so worried my dear.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Study cum vacation

Tomorrow 14th. March 2009 I will be leaving for Medan. I will complete a nutrition module for my Bachelor of Homeopathic in Medical Science in University Sumatera Utara (USU). The BHMS is a twinning program between Malaysia Homeopathic Association and USU. I have to take 5 modules in USU and 7 modules in Kuala Lumpur. This is my last module in Indonesia. By the way, I will take the opportunity to shop for my son's wedding and also to meet my daughter who studied there.

My flight will be tomorrow evening, not much time... I have to run some errands. I planned to send homeopathic medicine to my cousin via postage. She claimed that she experienced improvement on her vitiligo, the white skin has turned red so she wants to continue taking homeopathy. Alhamdulillah, I felt happy for her... I also got to run to the medical book store which is quite far from my office nor home to get some books for my daughter. I will also called my loyal patient to check on her health. She just revisited me to get some remedies for stomach and knee pain. She has been consulting me since December 2007 for GERD problem. Her health condition was improved after taking homeopathy, now only sometime she faced acidity problem if she is not careful with the nutrition that she takes .

In the office, I want to finish my task, doing some monitoring and reading. Okay need to stop here and get moving ...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Challenge as a wedding planner

Its quite a long time since my last post. I'm very busy now. In the office I am busy with my jobs and at home I'm busy with preparation for my son's wedding. InsyaAllah the wedding will commence on 27th. June 2009. My house is messy with some renovation works. My sewing machine was busy too. I completed sewing curtains for the main hall. Yet to complete sewing curtains for other places in the house. Really fun and cost saving. Anyway I planned to buy the valance for the curtains so that my plain curtains will look elegant, ha..ha..ha. My daughter in Indonesia will assist me to find materials and send to tailor in Indonesia. She will be in charge of the wedding card too! Pity her , besides busy with her medic study she got to run some errand for me.

Last Friday (13th. February 2009), I took my son and his wife-to-be to a wedding shop to take measurements for their wedding dress. I decided for tradisional dress 'songket'. Its look nice , simple and comfortable. For the night dress may be I will ask my daughter to find a nice lace material in Indonesia and send to the tailor over there. My husband was busy as the project manager for the renovation work, we bought all the construction materials and hired Indonesian workers to construct it. My husband himself will paint the house, another cost saving eh...

This is my other challenge of the year as the wedding planner.... May Allah bless us.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yesterday I spent sometime in the morning doing house chores and gardening. Then I followed my husband to a hardware shop to buy bathroom tiles for my other house that is still under construction. My husband is the project manager for this house. We planned to rent-out soon. The house is located near to my parent's house so I stopped there for lunch . Nice "Laksa" a kind of noodles, very, very delicious. I spent the whole evening there.

Today I spent my time sewing my own dress. I want to go to a friend's wedding in Ulu Langat. She is my homeopathy classmate and she married to our classmate too. His father is one of the homeopathic lecturer. I met another classmate while eating. Its a long time we haven't met each other. Really enjoy the holiday. Its a long weekend combined with 2 days of Chinese New Year holidays.

Tonite, I planned to do some groceries. My son and husband will be accompanying me...